Tuesday, July 8, 2008

battle of the toes

Location: wedding
Topic of conversation: the length of each person's next-to-big-toe toe

For a moment I was sure that everyone at our table was going to kick of a shoe and whip out their feet for inspection. It was primarily the women who were most concerned, less their feminist credibility be called into question.

The myth is that if a woman's toe-next-to-big-toe (is there a technical term for this?) is longer than her big toe then she likes to be the dominant partner in a relationship. There's a variation for men, but I don't remember exactly how that piece goes.

My next-to-big-toe toe is longer than my big toe. Whatever the variation for men is, my husband also likes to be in charge.

Not sure where this falls along the lines of appropriate wedding conversation, but I'm sure if the women had whipped out their southern digits it may have been a bit over the top. But not completely uncharacteristic for the group.

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