Friday, July 4, 2008

experiencing life in efficiency

My husband and I were going to go to San Fransico for our vacation this year. Until gas prices continued to climb, air fare consequently increased and it would cost us the equivalent of two meals to check our bags. Instead, we will be attempting an east coast road trip.

As we continued to brainstorm the various places we'd visit it became apparent that this type of traveling (i.e. one city/day) was ideal for our natural proclivities. We tend to whip through everything. We actually once ate at a tapas resturant in about an hour and had the manager following us out the door concerned that we were upset with something. Not at all. We loved the experience, sampled six wines and several foods, had wonderful service and a great time. We're just efficient.

When we had to get our picture taken for a church directory we walked in, contorted our bodies as directed, smiled and were done in one take. Our eyes were opened and the camera wasn't capable of changing any other noticeable shortcomings.

When either of us is driving....ok, that's another story. Let's just say, we're efficient.

So, a trip that involves multiple cities in one week with a variety of stops along the way will suit our palate wonderfully. We'll target what we want to see and where we want to eat and we'll walk fast. The trick may be finding entertainment for the car rides between destinations.

As my husband insightfully noted, it will either be an unforgettable vacation or we'll be divorced by the end.

Some may make the argument that ultimately it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Or, stop and smell the roses. I'm making the argument that the journey doesn't have to be any less enjoyable because it's shorter and if smelling every rose along the way is not your idea of a good time then stopping to smell them is only going to make you more miserable.

So, take the roses with you, step on the pedal (within moderation) and get the most out of whatever week of vacation you may have this summer.

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