Tuesday, October 7, 2008

rosie the rent-a-cop

Went to the gym a couple days ago. Slowly drove through the parking lot, inched past the Stop sign and was run-down and read the riot act by the rent-a-cop. Now, I'll admit that I did not come to a full-force, whip-lash-giving stop at the sign. I'll also acknowledge that she was doing her job and was completely within her bounds to stop me and remind me of my responsibilities as a driver.

HOWEVER, I will NOT admit that she needed to bless me out for five minutes, wagging her finger in my face and insulting me. She could have given a stern "Ma'am, there's a stop sign there and you need to make sure to completely stop. Next time I'll need to write you up (or whatever rent-a-cops do)." That would have accomplished the same purpose: stop signs are important and must be obeyed. I have no problems with that.

I realize she doesn't know me from Joe Q Speed Demon or know that the last time I tried to do something rebellious (i.e. in the supermarket when I was five and wanted my favorite sugar-covered cereal and thought I'd seen other kids throw temper tantrums and get their way, why shouldn't I?) that all my mom had to do was stare at me with "that look" and give a stern "Get. Up." before I was up on two feet walking next to the cart and thinking shredded wheat sounded simply scrumptious for breakfast. She doesn't know all that. But, she should have some basic inter-personal skills. Firm, yes. Insulting, no.

Would have accomplished the same purpose. And, I would not have had the urge the next time I went to the gym to find her and chase her around the parking lot in my car (I realize the Fit has little get-up-and-go, but I'm pretty sure it beats a golf cart. Bring it.). Sorry, there are no signs that say "No chasing rent-a-cops", and, as you implied earlier, I can't read anyway.

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