Saturday, January 3, 2009

best beach towel ever

In the process of cleaning out our garage, I uncovered the best beach towel I've ever had (and likely ever will have). It's actually a souvenir which makes this standing particularly remarkable. First and foremost, it's long. I can actually lay on it and have my head and toes amply protected from the sand. Second, unlike the evangelical towel I designed when I was younger, it's soft and subtle. What? That needs an explination?

[When I was younger my family would take regular trips to the beach in September (one of the benes of homeschool). One year, to spur our creative genius, my mom bought towels and cloth-paint to allow us to personalize our towels. I chose to write my name in the center flanked by John 3:16 and a cross on a hill. I realize that doesn't exactly scream beachtime fun, but it was important to me so I included it on the towel. Unfortunately, the cloth paint dried prickly and scratchy so my evangelical effort spent most of it's time facing the sand to expose the softer underbelly of the untouched side of the towel to my skin. The towel was not soft or subtle.]

The softness is light so as not to induce sweat but with distinct threads to facilitate drying when needed. The subtlety of the "best beach towel ever" is in the pencil-thin, vertical lines in muted blues, purples, yellows, greens, etc. It does bring images of Joseph's coat of many colors to mind... Nothing flashy or loud (like beach trips tend to be) but relaxing and calm (as beach trips should be).

It was purchased haphazardly no doubt. An impulse buy meant to last to the next beach trip but likely not beyond. But it has lasted, and every time I pull it out the thought goes through my head: "this is the best beach towel ever."

Or perhaps, having come through two weeks of semi-winter weather, I will eagerly embrace any reminder of sunnier, warmer days. Two weeks of winter is really all that's necessary.

And yes, I just posted on a beach towel. One of the benes (for me) of not tying this enterprise in blogging to anything in particular. Muahahahaha.

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