Thursday, January 29, 2009

random tidbits

It's going around Facebook and reluctantly the masses are being drawn in: post 25 random things about yourself and encourage your friends to join the insanity. It is true that I, along with apparently all 25 of the people I tagged, generally do not appreciate doing these little "reveal yourself" exercises, but this one asked for a list. I make lists for a hobby. The papers on my desk aren't actually work, they're lists and then more lists of other lists. And now this list.

Here are some of the random pieces of list I distributed around Facebook, along with some I borrowed from the other friends who caved to the pressure.

1. I gave a girl a bloody nose.
2. I was in a sorority for one semester in college (#1 and #2 are not related).
3. I've had five sprained ankles (but thankfully no broken ones!).
4. My favorite words are brouhaha and shenanigans.
5. I stole a pair of adult diapers in college (very Patch Adams).
6. I've laughed till I cried at a joke I didn't understand and then laughed again until I cried after someone explained it.
7. I can play Mississippi Hot Dog on the violin like a pro.
8. I was homeschooled until sixth grade (and no, I didn't win any spelling bees).
9. I picked my wedding dress by walking in, saying I wanted the longest train available and buying it.
10. I do not like coffee, but I love hot chocolate from Starbucks.
11. I'm terrible with pop culture references (unless Friends is involved)
12. When I get nervous playing the piano, my legs bounce up and down. Doesn't seem like a big deal until you have to use the pedal.
13. My spiritual journey is the most meaningful and challenging journey I've ever been on/will be on.
14. I have an irrational fear of spiders. Scratch that. That applies to any creepy-crawly, crunchy, darting insectish thing with 6, 8 or hundreds of legs and/or with wings.
15. I was in a television commercial for my childhood optometrist's practice.
16. The room I shared with my sisters growing up was Ping Pong Pink.
17. Big fan of power naps.
18. I would rather do a lot of things average than one thing incredible (copied verbatim from my cousin's list).
19. I love heels (not shopping for them, just wearing them).
20. It irritates me to set the alarm clock for a time that ends in an uneven number - unless it's 00:15, 00:45).

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  1. #12 #14 & #20 are exceptionally funny and have caused me to spit at my computer screen because I was laughing without having the ability to control myself. You are too funny! I totally remember this list when you posted it on Facebook.