Tuesday, February 17, 2009

birthday blog: Nick

One might initially be fretful when her husband decides it's a good idea to sing Marvin Gaye in front of his colleagues at the office Christmas party. I indeed had quick reservations. Then I recalled the years and years of serenading I had experienced with the aforementioned husband. Frequent and generic car trips, accompanied by my husband's internal jukebox of all music from the 70s to today, are the cornerstones of our relationship (he can also sing the alphabet backwards should such a skill be in demand).

In twenty-eight years he has accomplished much, not the least of which is snagging an amazing woman to be his partner-in-life (that's me). But, I digress. This is about him and celebrating his accumulated talents & accomplishments of his nearly three decades of life. His time playing Ultimate Frisbee has gifted him with a knack for spinning objects on his finger, not unlike such skills developed by basketball players. It's a compulsion actually, and it does not discriminate: pizza boxes, folders, books and yes, dishes. Have flat object, will spin on finger.

Certainly graduating is a noteworthy milestone in a person's life. I'm here to congratulate my husband on receiving the largest framed degree (I'm guessing 3'x4'). It's also worth mentioning that when his esteemed university decided to continue their tradition of graduating on "The Lawn" in cold-to-the-bone, rainy weather, he didn't come down with pneumonia. Nor, thankfully, did any of the poor sops who were watching the proceedings in said conditions and listening to the guest speaker from the IRS give his life history in chronological order. Both graduating and surviving the graduation are significant accomplishments, and the degree has certainly provided him with many opportunities.
But the biggest accomplishment he has made is in becoming an audible laugher. He used to be a shaker. He would hold his head to the side, smile and shake his shoulders. Now, after years of work and persistence, he laughs out loud. He's recently developed a rather deep, maniacal laugh which may be taking this laugh development too far, but if it gets him closer to laughing until he cries then I'm all for it (the bet is that I can't make him laugh until he cries before he's 40 - I will win my vacation yet). It is much more fun to share a derisive moment with someone who is making odd, loud, fragmented noises just the same. Then again, that could just be the singing...
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ni-ick, happy birthday to you!
(and something about being the greatest of all time :) )

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