Monday, February 2, 2009

question to ponder

At what point in a meteorologist's career does he/she go from "Yea! Snow!" to "Good news! It won't turn to snow!"? There must be some depressing class or rite of passage that they each have to take. When is the near-miss of a snow day something to celebrate?


  1. So what attracts you to being a meteorologist in the first place? Probably you thought thunderstorms were cool and wanted to figure them out when you grew up, or some sort of variant on that theme. Then you go to school, apply your dental whitening strips, practice your non-regionally specific diction, and wave your arms in front of a green screen every day for the rest of your life, warning people about all the stuff you used to think was cool. Does that count as one of the all time worst childhood-dream-bait-and-switch scenarios?

    Or is it the case that they all wanted to be storm-chasers or something, and this is just the minor leagues until they can get a prime-time thursday night special report show on the weather channel? I think you're on to something here.

  2. We had a 2-hour delay because of snow. Muahahahaha.

    I think this also speaks to the question of "at what point do we go from kids to adults?"

    Yes, it counts.