Thursday, April 2, 2009

four years of great expectations

Some things in life you don't expect. Our first meal as a married couple was hot dogs from the Sheetz gas station. Our first errand was scrubbing good-natured car trashing off of my new husband's jeep. Our first night we sat in the whirlpool tub only on principle. Our first road trip was from Virginia to North Carolina (ok, that we kind of expected but it wasn't a very exotic "first").

Some things you do expect. I can say we've had several more meals of hot dogs over the course of the past four years. And thankfully, though no thanks to my skills, several meals much better than hot dogs. Collaborated, with varied success, on a variety of home improvement projects and other mindless errands. Don't even have the jeep anymore. Don't have a whirlpool tub come to think of it. We've made the trip between VA and NC so many times we've gone through two vehicles since tying the knot.

Some things underwhelm expectations. The squirrels in my current car, for instance.

Some things go far beyond the best of expectations. The joy of watching my husband make his first, and probabaly only, impulse buy without buyer's remorse attached. The challenge of making my husband laugh until he cries before we turn 40 (it's been close but nothing yet). Creating a safety zone together so we're more likely to take risks elsewhere (i.e. take out as an option when I'm cooking). Traveling together. Cover wars. Married life.


  1. May you both hold fast to those things which bring togetherness. May you both understand the joy of supporting one another through thick or thin. May you ALWAYS communicate. May you have many, many more firsts in the next hundred years!!