Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 2: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Newlywed or nearly dead? We anticipated heavy representation from the nearly dead group on this cruise and have not been disappointed. There is definitely a wide range of people (in terms of ages) on the ship but most of them seem to fall in the retired group – we do anticipate at least one game of shuffleboard. One couple joined us for lunch and shared some of their advice and experiences. Nick needed some human interaction and since yesterday had left us out of all the normal opportunities for chatting up our fellow travelers, today needed some stimulus.

To that end we opted for Bingo. Don’t judge. It was either that or line dancing and I was leaning toward the latter. Here we relayed our tale of misery regarding our missing luggage. We discovered this was not the worst story yet. Apparently, one couple who had been traveling on an earlier cruise around South Africa before meeting up with this one, was on a boat that was attacked by pirates. The pirates were not aware of the extended party schedule of their unsuspecting booty and were somewhat easily intercepted. They did manage to get up to the side of the boat and prop a ladder on it. Some of the cruise guests started chucking lounge chairs at them and another individual ran to get the captain. Crisis averted.

We again ate dinner in our stateroom since it was a formal evening, and we had no luggage. Can we have a nametag? “Hi, my name is Rebecca. I don’t have any luggage. Stop judging the ensemble and/or smell.” We did find out that everyone on the ship has been made aware of our situation so we should be able to go to dinner tomorrow night without any problems. We also found out our luggage had been located and we should get it on Tuesday. Sweet relief! I’m definitely tired of wearing the same clothes.

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  1. Whatever else this trip may lack, it is proving to be the mother lode of memorable stories. And still more than a week left! What next, an alien invasion? Keep us posted - Dad