Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 4: Corfu, Greece

Corfu really didn’t have a chance of being a top favorite. It was the one stop I knew the least about and what I did know didn’t suggest anything particularly remarkable. On top of that, we knew our luggage was to arrive. After visiting, it is not likely to be a place I’d put on my list of destinations to re-visit, but strangely enough I could easily see living in Corfu Town (the capital, and in all honesty, the only city we visited). The small, narrow roads turned and merged in all manner of patterns up and down hills, through squares and around again. Nick and I quickly got lost. We managed to make it out of the tourist boundaries and into the true living spaces. We passed flower markets, parks, food markets, salons, the butcher resplendent with hanging dis-emboweled pig and a traffic jam wherein a cop was blessing out an old man in a car who apparently was trying to squeeze between the police car and a large bus. Let the horn honking commence.

The wildlife was of interest. And by wildlife I mean the free-ranging dogs and cats, topped off by an unusual number of birds in the sky (felt a bit like the Hitchcock movie). It appeared that most of the dogs, though somewhat scraggly, had some identification tags on them; nevertheless, they were free to roam. I’m guessing when there’s only so far to go before hitting water, there’s less concern the dog will try to make a break for it. None of these canines seemed to be of an ambitious pedigree – either in temperament or family line – and blended in with the overall relaxed atmosphere of Corfu Town.

If we should visit again, I think we would take a tour or make arrangements to visit the beaches of Paleo…(can’t remember the spelling) or the winter retreat of Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

When we returned, our luggage was in our room. A quick change of clothes led to some pool time. Later I’ll attend a fruit/vegetable carving demonstration, Nick will check out the gym and we can go to dinner without feeling the burning glare of fellow cruisers dressed in appropriate dining attire. Maybe some after-dinner entertainment? Such options when one has clothes for proper assimilation!

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  1. I'm glad you're on your cruise. Gladder that you're having fun (albeit the wild cats and dogs.. haha) and that your luggage came in!