Monday, May 4, 2009

no pain, no gain

Soon and very soon I will be on a plane headed over the Atlantic to be scooped up and chauffered to a very large ship which will take me to various ports in the Mediterranean while feeding me constantly and cleaning up after me. And, for the amount of time, money and planning that has gone into this vacation - it will be wonderful.

I've had to draft itineraries, coordinate emergency information, order money, make numerous reservations, make luggage arrangements, sign up for shore excursions, create our own shore excursions, revive my husband from financial shock (by reminding him of breakfast every morning and a wife with incentive to get out of bed early), get my feet whacked on and painted, suffer the agony of finding amazing clothes that are not in my size (likewise for the shoes), bleach my hair and attempt to tan my skin out of blending in with the white churches of Santorini.

All this for the privilege to lounge in the sun, write, read, eavesdrop, explore history, take pictures of EVERYTHING, pretend occasionally to be fancy and unintentionally malign three languages (possibly a fourth) only in the most sincere of efforts to be a gracious guest during a few glorious days of travel.

I will perhaps attempt to provide written insights into the whole experience via the blog - but that depends how much the cruise line will charge for wifi - and how desperate we are to pay for laundry service for clean underwear.

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