Sunday, June 21, 2009

tanked in virginia

Tank Museum
Exit 3/4 mile

The brown sign on Route 29 North has haunted us for years and hundreds of trips on this road most traveled. Most of the time we were compelled to comment on the absurdity of 1) having a tank museum and 2) in Danville, Virginia. So we laughed as we passed and promised to visit one day. That day was Friday.

We paid, got our receipt that said “tanks a lot”, and got an overview of the museum map by a woman who noted the museum had 117 tanks, a submarine and a nuclear warhead (which she very intentionally pointed out was “disarmed” – whew, relief!). So we entered the first room, made a quick scan and continued to the steps. We passed a cardboard Elvis which started speaking. We were officially freaked out.

Then we entered the hall of heads and bodies - a display of uniforms and head dresses. The most interesting of which was on the wall of women’s heads – with a mustache. Looked like someone had not gotten over the magic of Sharpies from their yearbook-defiling days. We thought perhaps this head was 'stached because it was a hat that was worn by men and women. We didn't investigate further so perhaps we'll never know.

The hall of pillow cases was next. Apparently an army tradition, but Tanks and Calvary Pillow Cases is not a sign I anticipated seeing anywhere.

We saw a lot of tanks and war memorabilia….and a UFO….we think. There was one exhibit tucked away after the helicopter of a disc-shaped orbiter with red and green lights and no sign..bum bum bah. Moving on.

It was curious to me that we couldn’t take pictures with flash –something about preserving the integrity of the displays…these are tanks, right? They’re built to weather the worst of the worst, right? Is my flash seriously going to chip away at the body? I had a similar reaction to a leak in the ceiling – though it was not over an amphibious tank - I’m sure the tank had seen worse.

Nevertheless, an entertaining stop on our otherwise routine path. We can now pass the sign and recount random memories of tanks and UFO's.

(Tanks to mom for the post title).

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