Saturday, October 24, 2009

clarifying my relationship with pink

Generally speaking for most of my adult life, and several years leading up to it, I've disliked pink. I trace this strong sentiment back to my birth as the first daughter and first granddaughter in the family - everything was pink. Perhaps "everything" is an overstatement, but it was enough to mark me permanently. Then again, when given the option to pick the paint color for the room I would share with my sisters, Ping Pong Pink was the final selection - so maybe it happened after being contained in a room the size of a large closet brightly covered in the color. In any case, I didn't/don't like it.

Unfortunately, it is one of the colors that I can wear without washing out my skin. So, after I abused black and blue, I introduced one pinkish color shirt to the rotation. I think I'm up to two pinkish shirts now. My disdain for the color is wearing off slightly, but not enough to wish a pink explosion on anyone.

So, I have a bit more respect for the NFL in October (this does not extend to the Panthers). The campaign for breast cancer awareness is phenomenal. And when I realized they had convinced the NFL that the teams should wear pink in support of their efforts, I was truly amazed. It's everywhere. The NFL, our coupon clipper book - for pizza, a Kitchenmaid mixer....everywhere! Anyone who is anyone is involved in one way or another. And I think this is a good thing - and brilliant - and a tribute to whoever is the mastermind behind their campaign. The pink explosion is everywhere, and I support pink initiatives in this vein -but not quite enough to have a pink Kitchenmaid mixer in my house...yet.

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