Friday, October 2, 2009

gym graveyard

Our gym has just completed a referral campaign. The BIG referral challenge. Except it seemed more like one, large fat joke in bright yellow with bold, black letters. Everywhere you turned in the gym, the back of a staff member's shirt or a flourescent sunshine sign screamed BIG and the rest of the words were lost.

To combat the reminder, I have routinely taken to walking the indoor track. I enjoy the indoor track partially because it's air-conditioned but also because, on most days, I can plug my ears with self-selected music and ignore the rest of the world. It's a small track so it takes more rotations to make a mile - eight completions to be exact. It's also narrow (two lanes) so the more people who are walking/wogging/running, the more challenging it can be. Despite rules for proper etiquette, there have been instances of small children running around in all directions sans parental supervision, people who think they can walk in the "run" lane and those who decide it should be comparable to walking the mall - i.e. three people across at a leisurely stroll engrossed in conversation. On days when these conditions are predominantly present I look for other options.

On one such day I decided to try the bike that was off to the side overlooking the basketball court. There are several mats, two bikes, a punching bag and a couple other pieces of equipment on the outside of the track which seem like a nice supplement to some laps. I attempted to adjust the seat to accommodate my extended appendages. No luck. I started pedaling hoping to then select my workout. Nothing flashed on the screen - no clock, no workout options, no calorie counting and no effort to guage my heart rate. The screen was blank. I looked at the other bike and then casually examined the other equipment down the row. I was in the gym equipment graveyard - where machines are sent to die.

So, my options are an unrelaxing jaunt around the track dodging lines of people, well-endowed butts, spastic children and lolly-gaggers; go through the motions with no results in the gym equipment cemetary; or try not to make eye contact or take personally the in-your-face BIG campaign. How inspiring.

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