Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top 35 places to visit

A friend recently compiled her list of 50 places she wanted to visit and challenged me to do the same. Given that I love lists and travel and goals, it was a beautiful idea. So, below is a start of 35 places I'd like to visit in my lifetime - however long that may be. They're in no particular order and are a mix of domestic and international. Some are cities within a country, some are just the country in general. I did not put down too many guidelines so it's a bit of a hodge-podge. Armed with travel guides, a years supply of National Geographic Traveler magazine and the internet close by, I begin...

1) Istanbul, Turkey

2) Armenia (with a friend ;))

3) Macedonia (with a friend ;))

4) Scotland

5) Ireland

6) Colorado (Boulder & Denver)

7) New Orleans, LA

8) Washington (Seattle & Bellingham)

9) Morocco

10) Machu Picchu, Peru

11) Puerto Rico

12) Australia

13) China (Beijing, Xian)

14) Japan

15) South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg)

16) Israel

17) Jordan

18) Lebanon

19) Egypt

20) Tanzania

21) New Zealand

22) Syria

23) Cambodia

24) Hawaii

25) Prince Edward Island, Canada

26) Thailand

27) Grand Canyon

28) Grand Teton

29) Indonesia

30) Sweden

31) Russia

32) Ukraine

33) Romania

34) Nova Scotia

35) Hungary

I have a list of experiences that accompany the list of destinations. Given that these experiences could happen in a range of places, I opted not to associate them directly. There are a few that are "experiences" in a very specific place, but I'm interested more in the option than the destination. It didn't seem appropriate to list them above either.

1) Walk behind a waterfall
2) Go on a safari
3) Visit the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, AL
4) A weekend in treehouses in Oregon

5) Ride a dogsled - not talking about the Iditarod, just would like to see how it feels - maybe a couple hours max.


  1. YAY to #3 of the first list!!!! ;)

    - the Anonymous friend... hahaha

  2. Interesting List :)

    I would also like to walk behind the waterfall.

    I would add Barbados to the list, the Island of Mustique is breath taking in pictures I cannot imagine the real eye view :)

    I hope I'll have a chance to take you to Armenia one of these days:)