Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final Score: Cooking - 1 to Tubs - 0

I have discovered something I loathe even more than cooking: cleaning bathroom tubs. That’s right, if given the option of scrubbing a tub or cooking in the kitchen I would leap gleefully to the stinky sweatshop of household food production. And yesterday, while dealing with a preponderance of time on my hands thanks to a snow day, I achieved kitchen success.

The recipe had graced the inside of a “favorite recipes cookbook” for probably a couple years before getting stuck on the side of the refrigerator for several months. My efforts at creating the dish had been thwarted over the Christmas break – even before I got into the kitchen in fact. I took it as a sad sign that I really should not attempt any culinary expertise when I wandered around the store patiently picking up the items that the recipe required only to hear an announcement on the loudspeaker announce that the store’s credit card machine was not working so cash or check only. I had neither. Defeated before entering the kitchen, I went home knowing I’d set a new all-time low record for my kitchen achievement.

It’s just as well because I had been wandering the aisles trying to figure out what a water chestnut looked like – or what the container looked like that it would be in. I’ll admit ignorance here. I had no idea where I would even start. Sounded like a nut. Could be a vegetable? For all I knew, it could have been a seahorse (bada boom, chhh).

When I located a can of the strange substance, diced, at a different grocery store a couple weeks later, I plopped it in the cart and determined to try the recipe once. I had found the most challenging ingredient; my confidence surged.

Sure enough, yesterday, I managed to put all the ingredients together and make an edible, and not terrible, cheesy spinach dip. It probably needs some practice and tweaking, but it tasted the way I think it should have and somewhat resembled the picture on the recipe card. Victory!

The bathroom tubs are still a disaster.


  1. Not gonna lie, the "seahorse" line made me laugh outloud....and then groan.

  2. hahaha - another one! I was so proud I posted it to dad's facebook...the genes were strong that night. I didn't actually plan to write it, it just came out...and then I did exactly what you did - laugh out loud and then groan. Guess if you can't beat 'em, embrace 'em.