Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend in the Redwoods: Hotel 4 of 4

Our initial plan was to take Hwy 1 back to San Francisco, but after our adventurous drive to The Tides Inn and the inordinate amount of time we’d already spent in the car, we opted to take the quicker, less bendy Hwy 101. With that plan decided we anticipated an uneventful 4-5 hours in the car and back to San Francisco. The weather was perfect for a drive.

There was one touristy experience we had not had yet – driving our car through a tree. We came upon a little town called Leggett which boasted a drive-through tree and with a flexible schedule we decided to take the small detour. The giant pickup truck that went ahead of us scratched its mirrors and probably should have put its sunroof down, but our little car fit beautifully. As it turned out, the gift shop had a patch and magnet to round out our full-on tourist experience. A detour well worth taking.

The rest of the drive, with the exception of me leaning out the window occasionally to test just how good my camera was (I’m going with user error in the cases when it didn’t work out so well), was uneventful. We pulled into San Francisco and took a road up to a lookout point for the Golden Gate Bridge. We toodled into our hotel, dropped off the car and prepared to leave in the AM for home. At least someone else would be driving.

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