Saturday, April 10, 2010

a memorable & meaningful five-year anniversary

My husband dressed up for our 5-year celebration - he even had all his friends dress up for the occasion. It was a weekend complete with a trip away, dinner with friends and some alcohol consumption.

It's a tradition for the Virginia Ultimate Frisbee reunion team to dress up for the annual Fool's Fest tournament. And there were 40 men there on our anniversary weekend each sporting a different interpretation of business-wear. Bow-ties, black/white tux-looking combinations, full suits with ties, dress shirts/ties and shorts, and a couple guys, who I can only hope created the look for tournament purposes and don't actually wear these to work, in dress-pant capris.

The tournament was hosted in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We drove up separately - which could be seen as symbolic of the first night we spent together on our honeymoon - sleeping in separate beds. He had car trouble on the way up, and I got stuck on I-95, neither of which is symbolic of anything.

Despite having attended a few Frisbee games in the past, this Tournament brought new questions. Mainly, should peach-color capri pants be worn by a large man for a sporting event (I'm hoping there was some costume-related reason involved)?

How long does it take to grow a quality 'stache?

And, I'm sorry to say I don't have a photo of this, aren't mullets illegal by now?

I digress. This wasn't meant to be a fashion show (thankfully). It was meant to be an opportunity for me to practice my camera-skills - and much practice is needed. Nick had used my new camera as a reason for me to come for a bit - after all, I could use the sports setting. If anyone has any doubts about the fast-moving pace of the game, try to follow it through a lens. Since I had no great hope of capturing the next Sports Illustrated cover, I was free to snap at will and hope that something turned out. When Nick wasn't playing, he'd stay nearby and occasionally ask, "Did you get that?" In most cases I had captured an appendage of some sort and the disc somewhere in the vicinity.

Not exactly brilliant. Fun though. That pretty much summed up the weekend - though I think we'd like to think our relationship captures fun and brilliance. Tonight we're out for a nice dinner so it all works out.


  1. Great post Rebecca! Very entertaining. I had so much fun with you guys last weekend-let's hope that is the start of many more visits to come!

  2. Libby - great to see you guys, too! I'm working on finding the pics from our last visit to NY to pass along:) I think the visits will definitely become more frequent should a certain couple happen to move to Hotlanta :)