Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boot Camp: Week 1

The worst possible combination for long-term health care success - talking personal level here, not national - is 4 AM and intense plyometrics. So, I signed up for it. For five-days-a-week and four-weeks. And, I brought a healthy dose of skepticism and a few research questions to keep in mind.

When I realized I was starting to develop the tall-woman-mid-section-pooch it was time to intervene - and drastically. Unfortunately, this necessitated also admitting that certain Starbuck-slurping-sweet-tea-sipping-fried-food-dining-late-night-snacking habits also had to go. Needless to say, the last week has not been fun.

Some observations:
* Orange cones are never good - there are far too many ways to arrange them to create a jagged pattern of blood, sweat and tears on the ground from running to them, from them, around them, over them and everything in between.
* Sit-ups under the stars are pretty neat.
* It's cold in the AM. It felt like I had to get dressed for two entirely different days - one for the AM workout in pre-winter conditions and the other for work when the temperature would jump from 50-80 in a day.
* I've gone home almost every day with "All the Single Ladies" running through my head.
* There's a Friends episode where Ross and Rachel are changing Ben's diaper and Ross keeps calling it a "poopy diaper" to which Rachel reminds him that calling it poopy doesn't make it cuter. I feel the same about calling something a "Fun Run". Calling it fun doesn't make it so and, at least in my mind, those words never go together.
* Squats are evil.

So, I'm currently watching "Run, Fatboy, Run" and empathisizing a great deal. Three weeks to go. Buh.

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