Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boot Camp: Week 3

I don't have much to post about this week - obviously, since I'm just now acknowledging that it happened. I will say that, as expected, bring-a-friend-to-boot-camp-day brought out all the "fun" workout toys and conveniently skipped the uphill lunges and stair-climbing shenanigans of other days. I'm not complaining, and I guess it was so that those people who risked their friendship on a 5 AM hour of torture could go home with friendship intact, I'm just commenting that it was expected. I actually looked forward to that day knowing it would be a bit less brutal.

But that's the only comment for the week. I'm on the final week, and I'm pretty sure I can say that exercise does not give you more energy. Some days I've felt better, but I'm almost always crashing at some point in the day. Water consumption has been up on most days and that does seem to be helping my skin, but it's also increasing my trips to the bathroom considerably - including before the 4 AM alarm goes off (as if to add insult to injury!).

3 more days to go!!

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  1. Good for you! Good for your soreness and wobbling and running before Dunkin does! :) Working out that early really isn't for everybody though, you might want to consider a later than 4am schedule. It's not like waking up that early adds super powers to your work out. Die hards just like the shock effect when they tell people they've been up since 330am. And then there are people like me who like watching sunrises. Otherwise, working out when you're semi awake might make it marginally more bearable...just a thought :)