Thursday, July 15, 2010

adventures in pregnancy: 6 weeks

Technically we suspected an addition to the family on July 4th. We joked that we lost our independence on independence day - thankfully in a good way. Attempting to proceed without sounding too many alarms, we quietly told future grandparents and aunts/uncles until we confirmed two home pregnancy tests with a doctor test. That did not keep us from buying "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and "100,000 Baby Names".

Fast forward a week-and-a-half - to the first doctor's appointment. I am by this point experiencing light symptoms of first-trimester pregnancy but nothing overwhelming. In fact the most noticeable change is the amount of time I spend in the bathroom. So, when they ask me to pee in a cup, no problem, right? I had just gone to the bathroom 20-30 minutes ago so I asked for a cup and started chugging water just to facilitate the process. And I waited, and waited, and waited. Meanwhile, the person on the other side of the bathroom kept opening and loudly closing the metal door on her side checking if any cup had been deposited. No pressure. And, no luck.

I exited and explained my predicament. The nurse was rather unforgiving and let me know this was a bit of a problem. She got me another cup of water, took some vitals and told me to try again. Still chugging I re-entered the torture chamber, went through the prep work and was about to settle in for Round 2 when a knock at the door interrupted my process.

"Why don't you come out and talk with the doctor for a bit and then you can try."

Hhmm... interesting - turns out you can do some other stuff without the urine sample.

Quick doctor check, blood work, conversation mostly about everything except pregnancy and then Round 3. I return a text to my mother to tell her to start praying (what a bizarre thing to ask for). Success! Out to the nurse who is still not smiling but at least looks less annoyed. We start going through some pamphlets. I have to ask because I'm thoroughly confused by now.

"So, are we just assuming I'm pregnant? I know your test isn't wildly different than the home pregnancy situation, but I did assume we weren't going to just go based on those."

"Oh yeah. It's positive. You're pregnant. Congratulations."

The most anti-climatic announcement ever.

"Do you know how far along you are?"

"Nope." Since I'd not confirmed pregnancy I had not even thought to confirm "weeks". She went to look and came back looking a little apologetic.

"What do you need me to do?"

"Turns out we didn't draw enough blood last time so we're going to need to draw some more. I'm sorry about that."

"As long as I don't have to pee in a cup again, we're good."

When I got home that evening, within an hour-and-a-half I went to the restroom three times.

Yes, we are preggers. We're only at six weeks so still very new to the idea, but March 8 (or thereabouts) will no doubt come quickly!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so glad I'm not the only one who has experienced this. Doctors can be so impatient!!!

    This is pressure and stress..the pee part..the rest I can handle ;)