Sunday, September 12, 2010

Preggers Update

It was inevitable that these friffles would start to focus primarily on pregnancy life. Now that I'm in the second trimester, energy that was so elusive in the first trimester is slowly making a comeback. It would probably make a more resounding entrance if I could actually get a full night sleep. I was anticipating the nocturnal bathroom trips much later in the pregnancy - when the baby was big enough to consider the bladder a squeeze-toy. Turns out, the uterus pushing on the bladder can cause this too. So, no full night sleep starting in the first trimester. Lovely.

Now, one of the wonderful and annoying parts of pregnancy is that everything is unique per woman per pregnancy. It is wonderful because each child can then be an adventure into unchartered territory - different body shape, different cravings, different symptoms, etc. It is annoying because it means everything is up in the air - should I be showing now? Depends. Is spotting a problem? Depends. Should my left hand be tingling and numb? Depends.

And the one point I was dreading the most - finding maternity pants long enough to fit - turned out to be the easiest and most enjoyable part of the process so far. I'd heard rumors that stretchy pants were the best piece of clothing ever designed and several of my previously-pregnant friends confirmed the rumor. I was a quick convert. My husband is less so and increasingly concerned that I will follow through on my threat to wear them for the rest of my life. After a hearty breakfast this AM, I relaxed in the car swearing my undying devotion to stretchy pants with visions of Thanksgiving and Christmas dancing through my head. I finally came-to and suggested we go grocery shopping to see if I could smuggle a melon (I didn't try, pregnancy brain has not overpowered good sense yet, but I bet I could).

We're closing in on Week 15 and every one is an adventure. According to the weekly announcement I receive, our little Woot is approaching the size of a lemon and about to start growing even faster.

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