Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 5 Signs You're Pregnant at Work

In addition to a wildly expanding mid-section, here are Top 5 indicators of a Work Pregnancy:

1. There's a noticeably trod path from your office/cube to the bathroom.
2. Once in the bathroom, you have a reserved stall.
3. You're no longer asked to remember anything. It's all written down or considered promptly forgotten. 
4. Wardrobe=comfortable. It's a gradual process but at the end of nine months, flip-flops and blue jeans are necessary - everything is swollen. Business casual is a thing of the past. (If I could wear sweat pants and a t-shirt, I would (if I could find a t-shirt that fit).)
5. Eye contact is spotty - either you're looking at my belly, or I'm looking at my belly (particularly during meetings - sorry, baby moving is far more interesting than anything anyone is saying).

Maybe these aren't the "top" 5 - actually the number is probably the more questionable part of the list. If any more come up, I'll just start adding numbers.

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