Friday, May 6, 2011

first mother's day!!!

Here are my top three (in no particular order) favorite "mom" videos. Being only seven weeks into this new job I'm sure these will only get funnier to me as I experience the range of responsibility that awaits. For now, I watched this first video sitting in the backseat of our Honda Fit, holding a screaming infant and then feeding her, in the rain, in a Chik-fil-a parking lot 15 minutes from our house. That's gotta earn a little "mom-cred"...though definitely not to the proportion suggested in any of these favorites...

"In the Muthahood" by Anita Renfroe

"Momisms" by Anita Renfroe

"The Invisible Woman" by Nicole Johnson

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Hey Rebecca! I just found your blog. This post was great! I really needed to hear the last video's message. Thanks!

  2. Hi Gena! Thanks for the comment - I've listened to that video so many times just for the reminder! Glad it encouraged you too!