Thursday, July 7, 2011


While recently shopping for 9-month clothes for my 3 ½ month daughter, I came across a onesie that advertised, “My mother doesn’t want your advice.” The truth is, I don’t mind listening to other people’s stories or suggestions. The advice is fine; I retain the right to reject it. In that spirit, I offer the two pieces of advice I’ve permanently added to my repertoire (I must be getting old if I’ve started compiling advice from life experiences – yikes!).

For newly married couples there are two phrases you need to learn to use genuinely and often: “I’m sorry” and “Thank you.” “I love you” is important but without these other two, the relationship will not grow.
For new parents remember that despite all the reading you’ve done in advance of your newborn, all the advice you’ve carefully stored and the classes that you’ve taken, your new child did not and is not inclined or required to follow it. Follow your baby’s lead.

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