Thursday, September 29, 2011

30s - you don't scare me.

Today I gladly entered my thirties. It is going to be the best decade yet. It started off with a wonderful birthday present from my husband (definitely in the Top 3 gifts that he’s ever given). It promises to hold a plethora of mothering adventures that are only 6-months deep from my twenties – definitely the best to come. I’m starting a hobby/career that, for the most part, I’m in control of, I am creatively challenged daily, and I get to do what I love: read and write. My openness and availability to grow spiritually are as high as they were in high school with, thankfully, a bit more maturity and wonder. Best. Decade. Ever.

That’s all I’m going to say about that. I’ve got ten years to prove it.

Still, the twenties were wonderful. So, as I say goodbye to them, I will honor their impact on my life with a few reflections in no particular order.
  • Got married (6 years!)
  • Graduated with my master's degree and with one of the most entertaining graduation ceremonies my family has seen to date. Let’s just say the “Speaker” chanted, there was a bowl for cleansing the space and a soundtrack of my family snorting, giggling and whispering – my grandmother being the chief offender.
  • Quit a PhD program
  • Discovered the thrill of skydiving
  • Discovered the horror of white-water rafting
  •  Saw the largest population of kangaroos outside of Australia and visited the Tank Museum (finally!)
  • Went on a cruise in the Mediterranean (after we canceled it )
  • Received a Fulbright award (which I ultimately couldn’t accept due to pregnancy complications. Still, I was pretty excited.)
  • Saw pigs swim (I'm expecting to see them fly in the 30's)
  • Participated in my first book club which read internationally-themed books and then met at similarly-themed international restaurants to discuss.
  • Coordinated a conference of 2000 people and 200 volunteers; provided publicity and administrative support for a Festival of 10,000.
  • Gave birth to a beautiful baby girl – and survived the first six months!
Adios 20's!

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  1. You've accomplished a lot!! Congrats on the Fulbright :) that is such a prestigious organization! But most importantly the greateness of being a parent! Many more blessing to come...hello 30's :)