Friday, October 28, 2011

candy corn strikes again

I've already mentioned my feelings on candy corn in an earlier post. I've found kindred spirits on this topic since then, and I've also discovered a disturbing number of people afflicted with CCC (candy corn crazies). Every year around Halloween something sparks a Candy Corn debate in our house - yes, we are a house divided.

So, it's time to see where the world stands (or, just the 3 people reading this right now). Obviously, someone's buying this crap, or it wouldn't still be around. Is it really that popular? I would be really sad.

Vote away. If you have strong opinions that need a place to be heard (or deleted, depending on where you stand..just kidding...sort of...), put them in the comments and we'll see what the final tally is. Voting ends at 11:59 on 10/31/2011. And, hopefully, so does candy corn consumption. Not that I'm biased.


  1. Pro candy corn, especially the ones with chocolate, but not the big pumpkins.- Christa

  2. Oh Christa. You're not the only friendship I'm going to have to re-evaluate after this is over and done. Though you are keeping Nick's cravings at bay, so it all evens out :)

  3. Ok, so technically, "like it" won, but technically, it was because my passionate hubby afflicted with CCC (candy corn crazy) ran around the house and voted on every computer we own and skewed the ballots. So, I'm calling the results inconclusive (I hate to lose) :)