Monday, October 24, 2011

monday meditation: 10/24/2011

Scripture: In the text.

Typically I have a hard time being funny about being Christian. And humor is not what I think of when I read through the Pentatuch, but as I braced myself for reading books of inordinate information and details I asked God to teach me in spite of myself. So, he showed me His sense of humor by taking thoughts already jumbled in my mind somewhere and linking them to passages in Leviticus and Numbers.

I'm wary of pastors and sermons that use ellipses in most of their Scripture references - as if they're leaving something out or pulling out of context. I make a point to bring my Bible to church and cross-check. In Leviticus, I found how using ellipses could in fact, make it appear that the Lord endorses McDonald's. That perhaps his favorite meal is a burger and fries. He showed me this using ellipses.

"...all fat is the Lord's..." (Leviticus 3:16b)

"...with all offerings you shall offer salt..." (Leviticus 2:13)

When I entered Numbers I prayed again that God would show me something in the initial chapters of census numbers and to-do assignments. I started to marvel at the exorbitant undertaking of leading hundreds of thousands of people through a desert. What happens if someone gets lost or confused or loses their parents? That's where the family banners come in. Apparently, there were family standards that each family carried to be a visible display of their whereabouts. Ah-ha! It's like being in a tour group in Rome and the guide holds up a stick with a brightly colored scarf attached. Suddenly, it was all clear how that might have looked so many years ago. Flags flapping in the breeze and families following behind. Not really funny, just business, but when it's paired with that memory, God shows a funny side. And, helps me understand and appreciate more. (Numbers 2:1-2)

God is good. I may not be recommending that everyone read Leviticus and Numbers as favorite books of the Bible, but God was faithful in showing me new things when I was open to being shown.

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