Friday, October 7, 2011

pooh-pooh changes

When we were making our registry lists there were a handful of items that we scoffed at for their extravagance. Top three: wipe warmers, video monitors and shopping cart covers. We already have 2 of the 3 and the shopping cart covers make more sense now that Little E thinks the cart handles are teething toys. We pooh-poohed the other two merely because "our parents didn't need them when we were babies, and we survived. Puh. Unnecessary extravagance."

Then, we had Little E Houdini. Not only did she quickly learn how to do a 180 in bed at night - and, we suspect, a 360, she scooched and squirmed her way up to the railings (bye-bye bumpers). Then she developed the sleep-destroying habit of screaming periodically in holy terror. She didn't bother waking up from her dozing, but you better believe Mama went tearing/tripping down the hall and into the nursery to check on her. Every. Single. Time. Add to that her comforting habit of pulling the blanket over her face and inhaling deeply and you have a parent's nightmare - a parentmare if you will.

My hubby is wise. "If it means more sleep, let's just buy a video monitor." Bleary-eyed and now to the delusional part of hearing Little E scream even when she wasn't, I acquiesed. I don't like being wrong. But, that video monitor is AWESOME! Now, we watch her twist and turn and scooch and snuggle all night long. When she screams ocasionally, I can roll over, check the monitor and decide whether to get out from under the warm blankets or stay cozy while she settles herself. Awesome.

The wipe warmers were a gift. So, honestly, if we hadn't received them we probably would not have purchased them voluntarily. Our neighbor, mother of three girls, babysat Little E one night and within a week we had wipe warmers. She was astonished that we hadn't invested in them sooner. While I wouldn't say its revolutionized our life, it has made diaper changing a bit more pleasant. No more flinching, grimacing or big-eyed-shocked expressions when we make the hourly (semi-hourly?) trek to the changing table.

I have a feeling that the shopping cart cover will be soon purchased. Given the amount of bodily fluids she expels these days, it's probably just in the best interest of any other children sitting in the seat after her. Or, as I also suspect, probably not bad for her so she isn't sitting in expeled fluids from strangers or gnawing on the handlebar.

Just goes to show, "never say pooh-pooh, until after you have the kid."

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