Thursday, November 17, 2011

confused blooms

My plants are confused. First it was the magnolia bush outside our living room window. Ever since we moved into our home, it blooms at the first sign of warm weather - usually a freak accident in February. Then, the real winter moves in and it dies promptly. The beautiful white blooms are quickly mottled with brown.

Now, it appears that the bulbs I planted (first attempt at bulbs) at the end of October (as directed) and scheduled to bloom next spring, are also coming out of the ground. So...fantastic news that I planted them correctly enough to prompt bloomage, but not so great news that the little over-achievers decided to sprout well in advance of five months.

Also, we have a branch on a tree that doesn't drop its leaves. I know, we didn't believe it either. But we've now lived here for almost five years, and it honest-to-goodness retains its leaves well past drop-date. I'll have to take a picture to prove it, but it just adds to the temperamental and nuanced foliage that surrounds our abode.

Guess we'll see what next year brings. I'm thinking of growing some veggies - maybe they'll decide to come out as fruit.

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