Friday, November 4, 2011

introducing Patience & Energy and how I almost burned down the house

I'm terrible at selecting names for stuffed animals, toys, and dolls. I submit as evidence my favorite doll growing up: Rizzy. I've never met a Rizzy since, and I'm not sure why her salmon-colored-cloth-stained body with matted oatmeal hair, one eye that never closed and one that blinked without cause, and nubbed arms and feet made her a Rizzy, but there you have it.

For Little E we've adopted a few animals with names. Octavius the Octopus was our English-octopus friend who helped put her down for her afternoon nap in mommy's awful English accent promising to meet her for a spot of afternoon tea when she woke up. We have Pinkerton the Pink Polar Bear with a strong southern gentleman drawl, and we had Bella the Butterfly who just sounded like mommy with a pinched nose. That's it. And that does not nearly reflect the number of stuffed critters who have come to stay with Little E. I have a new respect for Adam naming all the animals in the beginning.

Before my feet hit the floor this morning I was praying for two things: patience and energy. I knew I had a busy day preparing for incoming grandparents and Little E's dedication tomorrow. Even with a mid-night wake-up call from Little E trying to decongest her little nose, I figured I could handle it. I did not plan for several wake-up calls from Little E and no more than two hours of consecutive sleep with a culmulative number between 4-5 hours. Dear God: I need patience and energy.

We did the morning routine, took a nap, and then went to Target for a list of miscellaneous nonsense ranging form new blue jeans for me (a sad event yesterday when the button literally fell off onto the floor - power blow to the vanity), unsalted butter for cookies which play a role later in the afternoon, baby food and formula, Dreft laundry detergent, and bath mats. Usually, this is a good trip for Little E - she enjoys the people and displays and I can power through. She started off strong and slid straight into baby boo-hoo about 5 minutes in. Nevermind, I had my Starbucks tall, no-whip, java chip frappucino and I was not to be swayed.

We made it through the hat-fight and were headed into the carseat fight. I dropped her in and handed her her two stuffed giraffes. One is bright yellow, with a bluish-green eye (from a giraffe fight presumably?), red, black and white teething paraphernelia dangle as legs. The other is pastel in coloring, slightly smiling, and with quiet, unobtrusive baby attractions such as a slight rattle in one leg and a scrunchy nose. Meet Energy and Patience. And so they are named. Energy fights, twirls, exhilrates the eyes, challenges the gums, and has a floppy head of fun. Patience is quiet and friendly - quiet.

Patience (Left) and Energy (Right)

The rest of the afternoon proceeded with a clingy infant sniffling through her peaches and then playing with toys briefly while I started what can only be described as a pomegranate blood bath. I have no pictures - come on, we're trying to keep this suitable for children. Pomegranate is a great fruit. My first impression was that it was like going on a treasure hunt and finding rubies. Keep in mind my first taste was in college. Even then, I found the bright red seeds inside the "peel" a great separation from the standard thin-skin, mushy-inside assortment typically found in the supermarket. I love pomegranates and try to get at least one per fall. Since I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin-flavored-anything, pomegranates substitute as my official fall food of choice. Still, I have no idea how to eat them or use them. The recipe called for 1/2 cup of seeds, and by the end I had that 1/2 cup. The kitchen floor was littered with seeds, red juice had splattered my foot, my apron, all the appliances within a 5-foot range and the floor. It was gruesome.

A slight interruption to put Little E to sleep, and I was back in business to make chocolate and pomegranate cookies. And burn the house down. Smoke was seeping out of the oven - my first thought, "NO! Not the alarm! DO NOT WAKE THE BABY!" Quickly (and quietly) every window and door in the front of the house was opened, oven turned off, and prayers went flying. I stood in the middle of the pomegranate massacre after the crisis was averted and almost cried. It was not my day. Dear God: I need patience and energy. Done. The cookies were going back in - I. Would. Not. Be. the kitchen.........again. You fight fire with fire, right? So, I lit a candle and all was well. They survived and passed the Hubby taste-test.

(Okay, they're not very attractive to look at, but they're delicious!)

We're rounding close to 2.5 hours on her nap (Thank you God.). The cookies are completed. I may attempt applesauce later tonight since that would be nice for the lunch tomorrow, but we'll see. Most everything else on my list was accomplished, including: 4 loads of laundry washed, folded and put away; three sets of sheets changed; dishwasher unloaded, loaded and running; cursory dusting of the house; bathroom mats changed; and, cookies made. Apparently, also a blog post. If I get another dose of energy, I'll sort out toys and clothes to go the g'parents for storage and make applesauce.

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