Monday, November 21, 2011

monday meditation: 11/21/2011

Scripture: Philippians 4:10-13

The key to gratitude? Be content. Then, when something above and beyond happens that you weren't expecting you are genuinely surprised, genuinely thankful, and realize the full blessing of the people and conveniences around you.

Don't be entitled. Don't be demanding. Don't be envious.

That's it. Be content. Right now. With all things.

And that last verse? I think that may be the secret he was alluding to in verse 12. I'm not a Bible scholar though so it might not be. In any case, it's an acknowledgement that contentment in any situation is not a natural, easy thing to accomplish. We need His strength and Spirit to achieve it. How interesting that a verse we typically quote when we need to run long distances, finish graduate school, make it one day with a temperamental child, find a job, keep a job, or any number of other life-grinding activities, is the verse that's tacked onto a section about being content in all things. That's how hard it is. That's how important it is.

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