Monday, November 7, 2011

monday meditation: 11/7/11

Scripture: Deuteronomy 11:18-21
Little E was dedicated at our church on Saturday morning. For those who come from an infant baptism tradition, it's the same idea. It's the parents and family committing to raising the child in the church and with Christian values. Both sets of grandparents came down and Little E got dressed up in ruffle-butt tights.

Ultimately, we believe that Little E's faith decisions will be - must be - her own. We have searched and found Christianity to be True and certainly hope that her spiritual journey will end in that conclusion, but it must be hers. We can share what we've experienced and know in our home, by our actions, and through our church and community; she must challenge and question and grow.

Still, it's a special time to reflect on what is important. About family. About how having a child makes you so much more thankful for your parents and you realize why they did what they did for you. About faith. About how a person's spiritual journey takes them all sorts of amazing, frightening, and awesome places (namely, parenthood). About community. Ten other children were being dedicated and we met Little E's birthday buddy while the grandparents scouted out potential boyfriends (Little E was blissfully unaware). We met other children, we chatted with the leaders of our church's children's department, and were grateful for the special attention they bestowed on all of us.

We hope Little E grows up to have a faith that has been challenged, tested, and claimed for her own; remains fearless; has a good sense of smart, athletic, artistic, awesome and wonderful. The usual. But it starts in the home. It starts with us, her parents. And a lot of prayer.

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