Thursday, November 24, 2011

things I'm thankful for - the schmuck list

In the U.S., it's Thanksgiving today. A time for football for some, food for others, and pre-shopping prepping for others. Ostensibly, if the name is to be any indication, it's meant to be a time of gratitude. A time to pause, catch our breaths after racing around preparing for incoming family and a meal large enough to feed a small country, and give thanks that we have breath, and family, and food. The challenge is to make it meaningful each year without sounding like a broken record (is that phrase still allowed? do people still know what records are?).

You go around the room and no one wants to look like a schmuck so everyone picks one of the following as their "thing I'm thankful for": roof over my head, food on the table, freedom, friends and family, or good health. Well, I hate to say it, but that's not really being thankful - those are lines in a script that we memorize from infancy. I'm not saying those are wrong things to be thankful for - they're great things, that's why everyone is glad to have them - I'm saying that to truly reflect an appreciation for what they represent on a day-to-day level, it may be more helpful to embrace the "schmuck-like" answers. The "Of All The Things I Could Say,
I Chose Something Tiny and Significant Only To Me." I'd say, that's more like it.

Here are my schmuck answers, in no particular order, for what I'm thankful for this past year:
1) That we were in the hospital when my placenta abrupted, and neither Little E or I died or had long-term damage as a result.
2) That I have friends who call me (and usually have to leave a voicemail) to get together and keep in touch - I'm horrible at initiating it myself (not an excuse) so I'm extra grateful for those friends that keep it going!
3) That I didn't get gestational diabetes (right before Christmas cookies!) while pregnant.
4) Friends and family who showered us with baby gifts, brought meals to our home, and held Little E when all mommy wanted to do was eat with two hands or take a shower.
5) Whoever invented the dishwasher - I'm thankful for him/her. And, I'm thankful we have one.
6) Nap time - for Little E and for mommy
7) Chik-fil-a
8) My hubby stepping up as a new father...and also as my chief editor, brainstormer, and bottle-making accomplice.
9) The Jenny Jump - how else do I get 45 minutes of "playing" with Little E and still retain the use of both my hands - LOVE.
10) Frozen veggies.
11) Coupons - the Sunday paper.
12) A laptop.
13) Blankets - particularly my blanket made of sweatshirt material.
14) A car - paid off, too - that actually is big enough to handle the three of us on road trips.
15) Vacations - whether interrupted by hurricanes, or not...preferably not, but that wasn't our luck this year.
16) That God introduced me to the real Moses while reading Exodus-Numbers (maybe Deut, but I'm not there yet). What an amazing relationship they had. Definitely want to do more reading on the guy - Moses to be specific...but, God too.
17) The end of the Harry Potter films
18) Being able to stay at home with Little E - some days, it's everything I have to be thankful for this, but most days I. Love. It.
19) Orkin.
20) Friends and family who have pets so that Little E can get her kitty/puppy fix without us having to own one - not sure how long that lasts, but I'm going to work it as long as I can.
21) A camera.
22) Dinner & a movie with Hubby
23) Babysitters
24) The glider in the nursery.
25) Tall, no-whip, java chip frappuccino from Starbucks.

And, of course, I'm thankful for a roof over my head, food on the table, freedom, friends and family, and good health.


  1. I'm glad I'm on #2 :-)

  2. Yep, I was definitely thinking of you on that one :)