Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tweeting Twitter Twit

I've recently embraced the Twitter world, but I'm lousy with it. Apparently, I only think funny in "days." So, I'll have one day when verbal incontinence will prompt me to post 12 times back to back to back (also something I have to do because I'm a prisoner to Little E's nap schedule) and then days of nothing. No poopalooza, no poopageddon (yes, poop is funny, even on Twitter), nothing. So, that's problem number 1. I'm only Twitter-worthy/appropriate inconsistently. And, I don't do serious with online communities - haven't figure it out yet and not sure that I want to.

Problem number 2 is the #trending thing. I've never been trendy. Never. Ever. I have an eighth grade year book picture in a flannel shirt, glasses as round as saucers, and bangs hairprayed high enough to give Denver a challenge for the "mile high" status. Never. Ever. So, on the days when I manage to think of something halfway witty and then find the time to type it, I forget the hash tags that apparently alert anyone else tweeting about that exact same thing that I am, too.

Problem #3 also involves trending. On the rare occasion that I remember to hashtag something, I use punctuation and it gets cut off. So, instead of making a clever reference to Little Ceasar's pizza using their marketing slogan Pizza!Pizza! I end up just looking really excited about Pizza! Which, while I do embrace the nostalgia I associate with Little Ceasars, I would never use exclamation points voluntarily for something as inconsequential as the type of pizza I'm eating.

Problem #4 is more broadly applied to the Twitter community. You would think giving everyone 140 characters or less would encourage people to be succinct, and you would be correct. There are some pretty hilarious Tweeters out there that can trounce modern life and rip through the Kings English daily - sometimes hourly. Others, myself included, need context so we don't sound stupid. If I just put what's funny without context it doesn't make sense. Essentially, I write too much and saying I'm a Twitter Editor is not my idea of a job title to take seriously.

All that to say, I'm really enjoying the Twitter world and am following some pretty interesting, funny, challenging people. I'm passing it on to you if you're a Tweeter.

For funny try: my brother @m_roehrich, @natalie_noa, and @aparnapkin.

To get your daily bread (crumbs) try: @JamesEmeryWhite, @kenwhitten, and @johnortberg.

I think there's a way to do all this on Twitter - possibly #FF (?) - but I haven't figured that out yet.

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