Saturday, November 5, 2011

WTF SAHM: what's in an abbreviation?

Would abbreviations with any other meanings smell as sweet? Wait, huh? Ok, there's no way to introduce what follows. Hubby and I were trying to kill time on our drive back from the Creeper Trail so we started inventing alternate word associations for SAHM. Later, I took it one step further with WTF (which I'm assuming everyone knows what it actually stands for, and since I'm still holding strong on not actually saying the last word (see post), I'm leaving it at that).

The only way any of this will be remotely funny is if you're exhausted past the point of sleepy and moving into delirious. If you're not there yet, have a baby.

Straifing Armies Hate Mannequins

Stately Anthem Honoring Menstruation

Snarky Antelope Hits Mailbox

Surface-Air Hamper Missile

Seven Angry Hormonal Mobsters

Who Told Fanny?
When Tightropes Fail?

Weekend To Forget

Since I'm not completely comfortable with the SAHM title, I'm also trying out a few other responses for "What do you do?"

A: I'm a member of the oldest profession in the world.
A: I'm professional player (should I say playa?)
A: I'm a long-term strategist and short-term emergency responder.
A: Nothing. I do nothing.

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