Friday, December 30, 2011

mommy makeup

It occurred to me today, while I was holding a bathroom cabinet door closed with one knee and carefully holding my other leg still while Little E climbed up it, that applying makeup is no longer a ritual of beauty. It's applying war paint for the day. A mask of foundation is still for camouflage - there's just a lot more to cover and conceal. Add some well-placed swipes of blush to appear rested and full of joie de vivre (never show fear...they can sense fear...and fatigue) A few swipes of mascara to create a powerful effect if ever "the eye" must be given to a roaming Little E - small, black darts and spikes around the eye ball is very effective.

And, chapstick because you can't be smoochin' on the little one with rudolph-red (or should that be vixen...hahahaha, good Christmas pun....hahaha....need..more...sleep) lips but you don't want those puckers to be crackin' on her face either.

So while you might be getting gussied up to go out for a New Year's Eve celebration, I'll be re-applying war paint to face another day/night. But I get to smooch on Little E so that's an okay trade by me.

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