Monday, December 12, 2011

monday meditation: 12/12/2011

Scripture: Hebrews 13

We've done our fair share of traveling this year, and typically I love a good trip (it's a bit different with a little one, but still fun). Honestly though, I always hit a point where I want to be home. Even when I was studying in France, at the end of the four months in Europe, I wanted to come home for at least a week - and then go back - but I still wanted to be home. I love to travel because I love coming home. I am grateful for a place to come back to and rest, to unpack, to relax, to be comfortable.

I started this post looking particularly at the short verse 14. This earth is not our home.

But the rest of the chapter is just as important for understanding the signifance of the verse. When we travel we explore something new and we learn, we may have fun but we are unfamiliar with our surroundings and may at times feel uncomfortable in various situations. It's all part of the experience. In this chapter, we are given some ideas - values, actions, and beliefs - that should set us apart from our present-day place. It may be uncomfortable when those values, actions, or beliefs run up against modern culture, but that is part of the trip, too. Our journey continues on earth with eyes on home.

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