Wednesday, December 28, 2011

yeah, it's that good

I have just successfully finished making homemade spaghetti sauce with a recipe going back at least two generations in my husband's family. It's taken me nearly seven years of marriage to be brave enough to try it. Before Little E came along, my mother-in-law stayed with me for a weekend while Hubby was gone and we made the sauce together. This was my first time solo. I was scared, but I only had to call once to double-check simmer time.

Sorry, can't post the recipe here. Are you kidding? I may have just successfully completed the recipe that will make me a legitimate part of the family (popping out Little E could also be considered a successful attempt at this honor). I'm not going to mess that up by revealing their top-secret cooking recipes. This one is the best.

It's so good that I licked the bowl and spoon after I stored the rest. I'm eating a bowl of extra at the moment - no noodles, just sauce. Yeah, it's that good.

Next week will be the real test though. My family at the beach - newbies to the goodness of it all - and Hubby will be there to give his verdict (someone who has consumed copious amounts of this deliciousness in his lifetime). And if everyone hates it? More for me!

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