Saturday, January 14, 2012

i'm gonna do it...

Next week....look!

It's true, it seems that to make up for my disastrous showing at Thanksgiving (no, I didn't do a post about it because that's just more of the same), I successfully managed to generate three contributions to our recent family beach trip. Nothing spectacular - well, except the spaghetti sauce - certainly nothing healthy, but delicious? Absolutely.

I know, it shocked me too.

To recap, no Thanksgiving recipe to share (the cranberry relish did look like a Christmas dish and despite the surprisingly high number of cranberries in it, it was actually the green apples that gave everyone the pucker face), and three Christmas successes to share....including...wait for it...the spaghetti sauce. That's right, Granny V. has given permission to share with the world the best spaghetti sauce around.

So next week, after the Monday Meditation, prepare for a first on Friffle Thoughts.

Have a good weekend!

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