Tuesday, January 10, 2012

just beachin'

I've not completely dropped off the face of the earth. I was "hibernating" at the beach for the first week of the new year celebrating a belated Christmas and a prompt New Year's, and, I gotta say, it was great. Why was it great (other than "it's the beach")? For the following ten reasons, divided into two lists of greatness.

Why Going to the Beach When Your Family is Older is Great
1. Your siblings are older and thereby (hopefully for you) much less annoying and actually pretty interesting.
2. If you have kids, free babysitters; if you have dogs, free dog walkers; if you have neither, free birth control.
3. More people can cook - our fridge and counter was packed 24/7 and we had something fresh and delicious to eat at every meal. Okay, so we had so much pasta you'd think we were Italian - lasagna, spaghetti, macaroni & cheese, and beef stroganoff.

4. More additions to the family means better teams for Gingerbread House Competitions.

5. Enough people to do something with anytime, anywhere.

Why Going to the Beach in the Winter is Great
1. No traffic getting to you rental and no lines at the rental agency for check-in.
2. The whole beach to yourself. Whole beach.
3. Excuse to use the hot tub (if you need one).
4. Don't have to worry about anyone going skinny dipping.
5. Along those lines (and a big one for me) - don't have to worry about getting in a bathing suit!

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