Monday, January 23, 2012

monday meditation: 1/23/2012

Scripture: Matthew 7:7-8
I started a "spiritual mentorship" this past week to bring some accountability to my spiritual journey above and beyond what I have now and to have someone new and fresh to beat around ideas that are muddled in my mind. On top of that, I indicated that I wanted to go back to memorizing Scripture.

As a young kid, our church program promoted Bible verse memorizing through its children's program, and I packed a lot in my noggin'. Then, somewhere in middle school or high school, I decided that I was terrible at memorization. I must've had a traumatic experience somewhere along the way that I've blocked out, but there ya have it. I refused to memorize piano solos for recitals, and Bible verses slipped off the radar completely.

So, I met with my new spiritual mentor - who is wonderful and very patient since we have to meet with Little E crawling everywhere - and she brought up these verses as part of a strategy (ala Beth Moore) - that when we are starting to memorize Scripture, we should ask and ask while believing and lay claim to the promise that we will receive.

So, we'll start memorizing, and I have one more way to appreciate an already tried and tested verse of truth in my life. What ways can you apply these verses to your life? Is there something you are struggling with? Something you are searching for?

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