Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Part 1 of 2: woof, woof - this is God talking?

I have never wanted to itch my nose so badly.

Well, that's starting in the middle. Let me back up and start at the beginning.

God talks to me when I travel.

See where I'm going with this?

It was a sunny, pristine morning in October, and I was driving a sleeping Little E home from a weekend with the grandparents. My mind was wandering to pass the time and was tossing around ideas for writing topics. Initially, it started on not-interesting topics: mainly, baseball. Which led me to the mascots for baseball teams and wondering about the lives of the people in the costumes who parade around the field, do crazy stunts, dance anonymously for the world and have the unenviable job of trying to make baseball enjoyable. Is it the kind of gig that people have to train for - a career? Do they start out as the Chik-fil-a chicken or the Statue of Liberty for Liberty Mutual waving on the side of the road? (Bless their hearts.) Or is it a couple people throughout the year who audition for the part just for kicks (I'm not saying we need another reality TV show, but the possibilities for an America's Next Great Mascot are just obvious, right?)?

This strain of thinking led me to its only natural conclusion: our church's mascot.
Mascot may be too specific of a term. Faux Canine Greeter is closer to accurate but much too pretentious for the lovable dog.

Here's God talking: "You should volunteer to be the mascot. It would be an opportunity to support the kid's ministry at church, you could be anonymously goofy (not the pooch's name), and 5-10 seconds with excited children where you don't have to talk (Seriously, all I've got in 7-year-old conversation skills is "That's a nice dress" - and that's awkward if it's a boy.) is the perfect scenario. If you're going to have any shot of being an involved parent in the children's program, this would be the best place to start."

Here's me talking: "Ha. Haha. Hahahaha....oh? You were serious?"

I didn't want it to be something I did just to have a good story and since that was the vein of the internal conversation that led to this seemingly random leap, I was hesitant. God intervened when an email came across my account with a request for help in the children's program - guess what was one area that needed more support?

So on Sunday I swallowed my dislike of dogs and became one.

To be continued....

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