Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Frost

Technically, there is no frost here. In fact, if you want the complete and total truth, it's mild and beautiful. And flowers are blooming and our poor magnolia bush is blooming once again a bit in advance of spring and in time for a frost to kill all the lovely buds. Welcome to winter in the south! Still, I maintain that the title is appropriate. My sister has long held that February is the worst month. She dreads it. She hates it. It has become such a well-established fact that we call or email or FB or something greetings and cheery news and happy thoughts to her starting the last week in January.

I'm beginning to think she might be on to something. I've got blog posts on draft for the month of March (courtesy of Little E's milestone birthday party) and a couple for the hubby on draft for his birthday (in February so there's a bright spot!) and our anniversary (in April), but coming up with content for February is just a big blank. Frozen tundra of snippets and whiz-bang nothings.

I used to hold September as a horrible month (despite my bday being in it, it has consistently been a terrible month for one reason or another since high school), but I'm beginning to think February might have to be my "bad writing month"....if there is such a thing. So, there you have it. My excuse for dismal appearances last week and this one. March is going to be a doozie, but for now, February is freezing my creative juices.

I anticipate a cruel irony when the weather freezes and kills the natural beauty we're previewing and my mind suddenly feels inspired.

What's your least favorite month?

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