Thursday, February 2, 2012

Keys to My Life

(I posted this yesterday originally at under RRVincent)

I had a key ring collection during high school that accounted for at least 1/2 the weight of the backpack that it was attached to. I had the snarky comment key chains, the souvenir key chains, and the general assortment of odds and ends. Then, in college I downsized considerably in favor of a lanyard with my school's name and colors. My then-boyfriend/now-hubby rolled his eyes automatically when he went fishing for my keys in order to drive the car. "But they're so easy to find with the bright purple lanyard attached," I defended.
I went through a dry spell graduate school through the first five years of marriage. Not for any particular reason other than lack of interest. I had a few cursory grocery store reward programs attached but nothing spectacular. Then, I became a SAHM who happens to do some comparison shopping for groceries and this coincided with every retail/volunteer/kiosk jumping on-board with the mini-cards that attach to your key chain. How convenient! Except now I'm almost back to where I was in high school. I still can't say that the keys outweigh the stash of baby paraphernelia in the diaper bag, but oh how close they are!
I count 9 attachments (and, now that I've counted and realize I'm one short of double-digits, I kind of want to go get one more somewhere...). These attachments are my life in a nutshell - or key chain. I have a child (Babies-R-Us) who likes to eat (Food Lion, Bi-Lo, Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter) and has put us in "frugal" mode for entertainment (library) and home decor (Ikea). The two reminders of my former life that is similar to my current is that I like crafts, scrapbooking specifically (AC Moore) and have two prescriptions to pick up monthly (CVS).

My identity on a key ring. How little has actually changed since high school, and yet how unprepared I would have been in high school to handle my current situation.
Now....on to finding that 10th little card. Does Starbucks have these?

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