Monday, February 20, 2012

monday meditation: 2/20/2012

Scripture: Titus 2:3-5

Today's post is on forgiveness....just kidding. So, I was halfway into last week before I realized that I had skipped one of these. My apologies. This one is for the ladies - reading the verses before and after this passage make a similar charge to men.

I've recently taken advantage of a program at our church that paired me with a spiritual mentor. She is a lovely woman (tall, too!) who has walked on ahead, has the Grandma title (and Little E thinks she's great), and is giving of her time to mentor other women coming up behind in their spiritual journey. It's been such a challenge and a blessing even after only two meetings.

In the span of those two meetings I've been convicted of not really claiming all the promises of the Bible because I don't believe, and so I'm starting a Bible search of those promises I'm missing out on so I can be more diligent in laying hold to them when I start to falter; I've been challenged in my Bible memorization and have found that the accountability does make a difference in accomplishing those goals (8 verses memorized between the two meetings - working on the first chapter of James); I've been able to discuss and articulate some of the readings I've been doing in my study of Moses and bounce around ideas that are still percolating; and, I've added Psalms to my devotional reading (initially I was just going to do the Moses study, but I need more in-the-Word time) and will be focusing on the "happy" parts of the Psalms since I often get sucked into focusing on how swords and hiding in caves don't seem relevant to my life (I know they do, but I wanted to take this angle for this reading - plenty of time to explore the gravity of the Psalms).

The more I give and ask and search, the more He is faithful to provide answers, comfort, assurance, strength, and challenges. I had no intention of piling on more "God" stuff as an outcome of meeting 2x/month with a spiritual mentor. I've found that the more I'm in His word, the more I want to know. The more I read, the more "rabbit trails" I find to explore. And it's exciting.

It's been a blessing to me to talk to a woman who has life experience to share, who has gone further on her spiritual journey, and is willing to spend a couple of hours every couple of weeks sharing her wisdom and challenging me to follow God's plan for my life. When you're older than another Christian woman, don't see your life as irrelevant, take the time to invest in someone else. When you're a younger Christian woman, seek out Godly counsel. I still believe there are many ways to be a woman - many paths to take - just as a spiritual journey whips and winds in different paths.

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