Monday, February 6, 2012

monday meditation: 2/6/2012

Scripture: Daniel 6:5-10
Other Reading: "The Tyranny of the Urgent" by Charles Hummel (I've added it to mine!)

Thoughts: I always feel like I'm cheating a bit when I use something from the weekend service for the Monday meditation the next day, but this one is something that's been on my mind for a while and the service helped to congeal some of the thoughts and inspire action. We've been going through a series looking at the choices that figures in the Bible have made to make them great. This was the final week, and we visited the story of Daniel.

There are a lot of highlights in this short book. We visited Daniel post-diet but pre-lion's den. Like, right before the lion's den. The choice that he made was self-discipline. He scheduled three times of prayer daily, and he was so conssitent with it that everyone else knew this was his custom - that's how they set up the attack that landed him in the lion's den. He made his relationship with God a priority. It wasn't just something he said, his life reflected it.

So, first application, make God a priority. Most people put "God" as a priority in their life or they'll say that they believe spirituality is important, but the time that is spent with God is rushed or inconsistent (guilty!).

Second application, re-evaluate entire life. What is a priority? What do my actions say are a priority? My mouth can come up with some good gab, but what I do will speak louder in the long-term. This is where the "other reading" comes into play. This is the concept that we spend most of our time responding to the urgent things in our life - things that need "immediate" attention such as emails, phone calls, laundry, oil changes, TV (?), etc. instead of focusing on the long-term but "important" things of life - God, people, giving, etc. They take more time to integrate into our lives and much more discipline to enforce, but they have the potential to be transformational.

That's my challenge for this week and month - for myself. I'm going to be examining my daily living and being intentional about discipline. I've made small changes to my lifestyle since becoming a SAHM, and I can continue to grow and improve. I'll keep you posted, and I challenge you to consider what choice your making for your life.

The over-arching theme of the series at church? Being great is a choice. It's not something that is dumped on us, it hinges on a choice. I want to be prepared when my choice comes, but the preparation for that starts now, in the hum-drum, non-glamorous, unwatched parts of life.

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