Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stuff Parents Say (to each other)

So, there's a phenomenon going around YouTube, you may have heard of it: "Sh*t INSERT DESCRIPTOR HERE Say. There are a lot of them: New Yorkers Say, People Say to Tall Girls, Married Chicks Say to Single Friends, Atheists Say, Christians Say, Christians Say to Atheists, Black People Think White People Say...pretty much anything you can imagine.
I'm not YouTube savvy and not interested in learning so I'm going to fall back on my anitquated form of communication: blogging (it's not writing, please, what are we, in the 1980's?).

I present: Stuff Parents Say (to each other)

1. Not it.

2. She's your daughter.

3. What side of the family does she get that from?

4. Did she poop today?

5. Uhhh....I think she wants a hug....hahahaha...you're holding her, you have to change it! Hahahahaha.

6. Did you bring the extra diapers? Did you bring the food? Did you bring the toys? Did you bring the blanket? Did you bring the pacifers? Did you get the stroller? Did you bring an extra change of clothes? Ready to go to Target?

7. I think she's knows something.

8. What is that? Should we call the doctor? Should we call your mom? Should we call 911? Should we google it?

9. Get the scissors. We're going to cut her out.

10. How is she so strong?


12. I like that the house looks lived in.

13. She's a genius!

14. Well, looks like she's not the brightest crayon in the box.

15. Is that another new outfit?

16. Remember when we only saw our relatives once a quarter?

17. Sex is what got us in this situation.

18. Is it kid-friendly or should we just eat at 4:30 to avoid any problems?

19. Remember when we criticized parents for their screaming kids? Wow have we changed.

20. Not. It.

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