Monday, March 12, 2012

monday meditation: 3/12/12

Scripture: Joshua 1:9
This is my verse for Little E. She can certainly pick her own as she gets older, but if there's one thing that her dad and I have prayed from the minute we discovered it, it would be that she remains fearless. I suspect there is a natural resiliency in most new children to compensate for learning efforts that involve a lot of new motor skills, eating anything without discrimination, and new parents. I think Little E may have an extra dose.

She's fiesty and independent. She focuses on what she wants with precision. We've started to say "un-de-terred" in a superhero cadence when she gets this way. She rarely cuddles - that's too much staying still. She falls, collides, smacks, and jabs herself regularly with nary a glance at her horrified parents. She climbs through, over, under, between, and among high chairs, book shelves, beds, storage units and anything else that might be of interest. She touches everything. She eats everything. From 3-months old she wanted to be "flying through the air." As she gets older she continues to giggle even more delightedly when we spin, "drop", toss, bounce, and attempt to "surprise" her. Amusement parks are going to blow her mind. And the couple of times when she genuinely hurt herself by smacking her face on something sharp (!) she cried for less than a minute, got a hug from mom (aw!), and was back in action. Un-de-terred. (Careful, if you say it too quickly it comes out sounding like "under-turd", which is not what we want at all.)

Little E will become, unfortunately, more aware of negative people and perspectives toward who she is and who she will become as she grows up. I hope she claims this verse to remain strong and courageous - to be fearless in becoming who she is meant to become - because it's beautiful and we love her dearly for the courage she has already to be her own person.

Tomorrow continues our week-long celebration of Little E!

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