Monday, March 5, 2012

monday meditation: 3/5/2012

Scripture: Psalm 15

A doozie of a list in this one. I've been reading one Psalm a day with the main intent of finding the "happy" Psalms (mostly to cover my erroneous thinking that they're all about vengenance and wrath and refuge). I've been delighted to find several encouraging Psalms already, in addition to having my eyes opened to some writing patterns and themes that have before gone unnoticed. This one was struck me first because it was unusual in its style (from the first fourteen) in that it was a quick couple questions followed by a list of answers. End of story. No poetic justice, no romaticizing, no vengeance and security tete-a-tetes. (Blast, I really need to go back and learn accent marks on a PC).

Who can dwell with the Lord? The person who lives to these high standards. The one that particularly spoke to me was "...who keeps an oath even when it hurts." How many times am I guilty of promising one thing and then doing another? I think the first step is stopping the empty promises. Sometimes its just a nicety of conversation that comes out sounding like the proverbial American "We should get together sometime" which actually means "Nice to meet you." Sometimes its an actual and sincere promise that gets overtaken by another event, casual promise, or circumstance. In any case, I need to stop making them.

Second step? When I do make them, fulfill them. Even if it's inconvenient, uncomfortable, miserable, or it hurts.

And of course, the rest of the list.

So much to learn to live.

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